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Corrective Soil Treatment


Termites appear almost unexpectedly and are certainly unwelcome in our home or work place. The subterranean termites represent by far the biggest threat of any natural enemy to our house. They enter without ceremony and they would damage any items that contain cellulose especially timber.


There are several reasons why the termite problem has become more acute. One is, more and more land is being cleared for house development thus reducing the termite natural food supply. Another is more of today’s housing is built on concrete slabs or low foundations, making it easier for termites to enter. They can slip through a crack or crevice only 1/32 of an inch wide. They can build mud tubes to get to wood. Owners can be wholly unawared they have termites until hollowed-out wood is discovered. In their determined search for wood to feed their colony, termites will invade any home- new, old, brick, cement block, slab or crawl-space home. In view of this, we propose both our spraying and corrective soil treatment as described hereforth.


Spraying Treatment

It is the application of chemicals by a compressed air sprayer to kill existing termites in the structure.  Badly infested wood would have to be removed.



Corrective Soil Treatment

The objective of this treatment is to termite proof existing structures against subterranean termite infestation by creating a termiticidal barrier around the perimeter ground beam and column stilts of the building. In order to reach the soil under slab-on-ground building, it is necessary to drill holes through the slab to inject termiticidal fluid.   Drilling is accomplished by a Hammer Drill or Diamond Coring & Inject.


The holes are drilled 150mm adjacent to all walls as deemed necessary.  Five (5) liters of termiticide at the correct concentration would be injected and holes cemented back again.


The equipments we use are designed to apply termiticide to critical areas requiring treatment with an even continuous coverage.   It  is  capable  of  dispensing  chemical  in  a  180  degree  fan  arc pattern with 5 degree upward angle with a maximum coverage area  of  72  inches  depending  on the soil condition under the slab



All drilling are conducted at owner’s risk. Thus we are not liable for any incidentals (if any), related to underground electrical circuits, water piping, etc. It is therefore advisable to secure the Mechanical and Electrical plans pertaining to the same.


 Corrective Soil TreatmentCorrective Soil TreatmentCorrective Soil Treatment 
 Corrective Soil TreatmentCorrective Soil TreatmentCorrective Soil Treatment 
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MEGA Q SDN BHD, a Lead member of the CSV GROUP of Companies is a Professional Pest Control and Fumigation services provider specializing in Termite Control, General Pests and Fumigation works. Our business is divided into 3 segments namely Subterranean Termites Control by Interception and Baiting System, Corrective and Pre-Construction Soil Treatment, General Pest Control and Fumigation services. MEGA Q SDN BHD has become one of the top Exterra Interception and Baiting System authorized applicator in Malaysia.
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