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Vessel Fumigation


MEGA Q Sdn. Bhd. is well versed in carrying out Vessel fumigation. We have several teams of trained and experienced technicians to perform the task. Before commencing fumigation, our technical personnel will brief you the stringent requirements and safety precautions pertaining to the fumigation process. Our technical staff has by personal inspection ascertained that all portions of the fumigation area and the risk area have been vacated. All openings, cracks or crevices are sealed so as to prevent the escape of the fumigant from the fumigation area.


After 24 hours of incubation, we will continue with ventilation exercise to ensure vessel is free from gas and safe for re-entry. Special detection equipment is used to obtain gas sampling for this purpose. Fumigation certificate is issued as proof of treatment.



 vessel fumigationvessel fumigationvessel fumigation 
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MEGA Q SDN BHD, a Lead member of the CSV GROUP of Companies is a Professional Pest Control and Fumigation services provider specializing in Termite Control, General Pests and Fumigation works. Our business is divided into 3 segments namely Subterranean Termites Control by Interception and Baiting System, Corrective and Pre-Construction Soil Treatment, General Pest Control and Fumigation services. MEGA Q SDN BHD has become one of the top Exterra Interception and Baiting System authorized applicator in Malaysia.
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